Connection to spirituality

Barbara Rheinbay in the mountains

"Hello, my name is Ludwig V. I'm calling to ask you if you can connect me to spirituality?" A little astonished at this unmediated and direct, very pragmatic question, I resolutely responded with a curt: "Yes I can."

Ludwig V. asked me for a conceptual offer, as I intend to work with him, over what period and for what fee. He also told me that he would like to pass on what I learned to his clients. As an intercultural business coach, he coaches at board level and internationally. He demanded nothing less than a train-the-trainer program, including spiritual affiliation.

In his first session, Ludwig was very surprised at what I could tell him about his current personal situation. I told him on the head that his subject would concern his long-lasting marriage. As businesslike as we had spoken, written and negotiated at the beginning of our acquaintance, our base became so profoundly human. Ludwig started to cry and I knew that I had hit the nail on the head and had just solved something very important for him.

From then on, we regularly worked together outside in nature. The first session took us to the Irlmaiermadonna on Untersberg. A highly energetic place that I really appreciate. The sporty Ludwig arrived punctually at the agreed spot in full sports equipment. He started very fast walking in safe steps.

Wholly the manager coaching others in targeting and efficiency, he had the watch in his sights. My pace, however, is comfortable, feeling and adapted to the great Ghost of the Untersberg. I stopped and looked around because I wanted to find the perfect place for us. Ludwig was a bit nervous and looked around again and again, as if he expected someone. As I prayed with an incense ceremony - in great respect for the great Ghost of Untersberg and all his beings - to enter this sacred natural space, in which the step to the Otherworld is not great, Ludwig's mind calmed down and gradually we energetically resembled each other. In our joint year of teaching, Ludwig experienced and experienced the tremendous power of nature at different levels. He became acquainted not only with visible matter such as earth, trees, plants, animals, water and much more, but above all with the invisible power inherent in every animal, plant and stone. The Creator Spirit or Creator Power. Ludwig has been coaching since that time no longer exclusively on topics from the field of business, but also on a personal and spiritual level as needed. Mission accomplished!

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