Occupation of a child

Barbara Rheinbay in the mountains

By the way, Christian has been doing really well since you worked for him. Thanks again for the wonderfully supportive work. It's been eight years since I finally took heart and called you after your lecture. I asked you to work for my then 12 year old son Christian. Do you remember?"

Yes and how I remember. The then hopeless mother called me anxiously and desperately to entrust me with the support of her son. Normally, I don’t accept orders that concern a third party without his knowledge. But in this case, it was a child suffered under mentally sickness. So I asked Christian's higher self if I could work for the boy and he agreed. When I received the permission I went on the shamanic journey. Here it didn’t matter that Christian was not physically present, because this work is ultimately a soul journey.

All I knew about the mother was that the boy was always depressed, feeling totally bad, and that she felt as if he had no feelings at all. During my shamanic journey, I saw a man in his early 30s with a rope or belt around his neck. This man had to be a relative of Christian, I guessed, and I realized very clearly that he had connected himself with the subtle body of Christian. I agreed to sever the connection and to make sure that this "lost soul" also found its way into the light.

When I told Christian's mother about my trip and what I was allowed to do for the two souls, she confirmed to me that her brother-in-law died at the age of 30 of an unnatural death. He was then found with a belt around his neck.

The next day, Christian's mother called me in a happy mood and told me that it was "really amazing" that Christian had changed. He himself had told her that he suddenly felt light and alive. Being able to help with such liberation is the best reward for me.

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