Pain in the left arm and shoulder

Barbara Rheinbay in the mountains

One of my clients recommended me to Micha. When she called me, she told me about her husband Markus. He is a doctor and had his now unbearable pain in the left arm examined by orthodox medicine, but received no diagnosis. I instructed Micha to work on a spiritual-energetic level, not being a doctor myself and therefore not making any promises of salvation. However, it is possible if, on this other level, to recognize the cause of the pain, that the self-healing powers are activated and a recovery sets in. Micha assured me that both knew that. They had already visited osteopaths, but after their treatment, there was no improvement.

Therefore, we arranged an appointment in September and so visited a sympathetic middle-aged couple from the area of ​​Salzburg in an afternoon. As the car drove into the driveway, I saw an attractive brunette woman behind the wheel and next to her Markus. As soon as he got out of the car, I saw his pain. The two followed me in my practice room, starting with the incense ceremony as usual. Meanwhile, I already saw that a soul had settled in Markus energy body. I asked him if he had bereavement in the family in the recent past. "Yes, my mother passed away in June of this year". When asked if he sweats heavily at night, he confirmed my guess. I went on the shamanic journey and realized that the deceased mom, Markus had to have something to say. She asked me to tell him that she knew she was very strict and never told him that she loved him. Now she cannot leave until he knows how much she loves him. I had to assure her several times that I would send him this important message. Then she insisted on going back to the kitchen to cook something for her beloved son Markus. Only then was she ready to enter the realm of souls. What sounds so incredible happened in this same meeting. The mother's soul had settled on Markus left shoulder side. During the session, other peculiarities have also taken place, as often shown at the opening of the Holy Room.

The following feedback from my clients reached me at the beginning of October:

Dear Barbara,

I am so happy and happy to be able to write to you that my dear man Markus is so much the better. The pain in his arm was getting less by the day. It went up steadily every week and he has found again to a whole new way of life. I also have the feeling that something has improved with his grip on the ground and that he is paying more attention to himself than ever before. Thank you again from the heart for your valuable healing work. Something has also changed for me. The night after the session with you, I got pain in my kidneys and both legs. The pain was intense and lasted more than a week. But now I'm feeling really good again. Also, I have become through the meeting with you, become aware of how to deal with myself. What a nice side effect! Thank you, dear Barbara, I hug you and send you very best regards from Salzburg.


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