Sleep disorder

Barbara Rheinbay in the mountains

Markus works as a lawyer for business matters in Munich. I want to call him a rational, more intellectually-minded man. When he came to me, he suffered a lot from insomnia and did not know what to do next.

I saw in the shamanic journey for him clearly a skeleton with an emerald green ring on his finger. He told me that he was trapped. I asked him why he is trapped and where. He told me that he cannot go to the realm of the dead because he is being held. I came back from the shamanic trip and told my client about what I saw. Markus started immediately to cry. I did not understand, than he told me that the skeleton I saw and the man I talked to were his friend, whom he accompanied until he died at aids. He was emaciated to the bone and the ring was a present from Markus. This man was his great love and he cannot let go of him for 20 years now. Since this time he was no longer able to fall asleep at night without medication.

Marcus asked me to redeem his friend. I went on a second journey and helped this soul to leave the body of Markus. He told me before he was picked up by Angels, that Markus is also associated with bad forces, which I should take care of please. I did that too. This was about the topic Voodoo in Africa and bad energetic connections that are linked to my client Markus. I told Markus about my trip, first that I was allowed to accompany the soul of his friend and second that his friend told me about unfortunate energetic connections. I told him what I saw. He looked at me petrified and said, "These are the pictures my friend painted. They are since 20 years in my cellar. He loved visiting South Africa and we stayed very often there together. He dealt with the Voodoo cult. I have never been to South Africa since his death, although I love the country. I have not been to my basement since then and have looked at his paintings.
Then he asked me to dissolve the energetic unfortunate connections.

On this trip, I encountered black people who practiced voodoo rituals when his friend drew them and immortalized them in his paintings. I have to admit that the negative connections of these pictures were alive. But even this dissolving belongs in the everyday life of a modern shaman.
Half a year after our work, a very recent Mark told me that he had given the pictures to a gallery for African art, had broken up his sleep disorders and was planning a trip to South Africa. What a development.

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