Barbara Rheinbay Engelwolken


Dear Mrs. Rheinbay,

Thank you - I'll let everything work on me, I'm on the move and amazed a little. I would like to tell you quickly: I've known the horse / my horse for a very long time. I just did not realize that this is my power animal. In my biggest life crisis, I have often talked to horses (life-size statues) and identified with them. Richie is now in the horse heaven. "He was a great, gentle horse that gave us all a lot of fun," said the keeper.

The evening before I came to you I saw the film "Earth Experience - Mysterious Mediterranean" on the ARD and was fascinated.

These are my subjects as the meeting confirmed to you: fire, big brown horses, with their feet in the water, mother earth. And if a volcano is not a power place ;-)

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a lot of joy, happiness and health in the New Year!

Best regards,


Theresia, Garching

Hello dear Barbara,

I wanted to thank you again. The time with you was so great and so intense that I just cannot find words for it. Our thoughts are still with you and all the beautiful things we were allowed to experience. It does not stop after the two days of work in your healing room in individual sessions and a day full of beautiful surprises in the nature of the Untersberg, where you have worked with us. I'm so happy about the experience. We'll meet again in any case.


I can only agree with that! With you I had the most intense experiences of this kind that I ever had, and so I can only thank you. It's nice to see you as a modern shaman! The memories of the beautiful days are still intense and on one level something has changed. That feels powerful. See you soon!

Feedback from a couple after a day of individual sessions and a second day out in nature on the Untersberg: Maria, Financial Accountant and Sven, Coach

Dear Barbara, dear Helmut,

It's been two months now ... We had the luck and joy to experience a beautiful and intimate "Shamanic Wedding" with you.You, dear Barbara, have, through your empathy and spirituality, as expected, added to our happy love relationship a power for our common life.You have lovingly combined the past and the present and joined us in an intimate ceremony. It was a blessing that we could almost feel. You, dear Helmut, have made these really nice pictures, completely without the usual photo-stress. Taking pictures with you was just a joyous experience, which is what your photos radiate. You are really an intuition photographer. We thank you both very much. We hope that many wedding couples will experience the heartfelt happiness of a shamanic wedding that you celebrate. Especially we would like to thank you again for the complete organization and execution of the wedding. It was in good hands with you, dear Barbara. So was every detail, the choice of the chalet Hüttlingsmoos, the Bio Hotel Stanglwirt below the Wilder Kaiser and the associated fantastic place of power, the selection of the floral decoration, the arrangements and all things necessary for a wedding, perfectly matched. Really great! Energetically, all humans have harmonized with each other, which was also a real blessing.

In bondage Margot and Peter

Dear Barbara,

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful, powerful and incredible healing work. Thanks! Your video message reached me the moment I arrived here at the top of Kienlberg, enjoying the beauty of nature and the light. I longed for that moment.I am very touched by it and in awe that you have lit the candles. And the organ in the background has made its contribution. It's done. I'm really happy and tears of joy run a little bit. I can hardly believe that I walked up here like a deer with no foot and hip pain. I still cannot believe it completely. In deep gratitude and connectedness.

Greetings from Inzell,

Michael Meiringer, Munich, Chief Steward, Long-distance Flights Lufthansa

Dear Barbara,

today I would like to contact you again and thank you for the card of Archangel Michael, which you presented to me as a gift. The story for me is just incredible and wonderful at the same time. When you told me where Archangel Michael is coming from, it awoke some memories in me that I could not initially classify. But last night I researched in Google and my eyes were opened! In 1984, in June, I spent two weeks vacationing in Vieste, Gargano with my parents and a good friend. This was one of the best holidays with my parents for me. We did a day trip to Monte San Angelo and visited the cave with the Archangel Michael. I am quite sure because my parents are very religious and like to visit beautiful churches and places! Concretely, I can only vaguely remember. The exciting and incredible thing about this incident is that my father died just one month later, in early August of that year 1984! And now you bring me the Archangel Michael out of this happy and beautiful time together! Unbelievable and suitable for me. I'm still working on it and it will take a while, which is good. Today was a wonderful day and I did a 6 hours mountain tour without any problems around Inzell! Thank you very much again and it was my heart to tell you this story. Have a nice evening. Bye for now.


Hello Barbara,

I'm contacting you after reading your first diary entry and being moved to tears. Wow! This is a fantastic story! During the day I cannot read because of my profession, but I'm looking forward to this evening and more stories from your work. I'm curious about the other stories and cannot wait.

Jürgen Schilcher, independent cabinetmaker


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