Intuition is first of all a good or less good feeling that spontaneously sets in with people, situations or events.
It is my inner voice that confidently assists me in decision-making situations and on which I can rely.
Moreover, it is a multi-dimensional spiritual and spiritual level that helps us to invite them into our daily being. So this level is helpful when it comes to solutions and also new ideas or innovations.

Barbara Rheinbay


Powerfully shaping one's life presupposes that one experiences oneself as powerful.
For me it means its own power to live free of alien energies and influences.
For me, being strong also means having a strong power of implementation for you and your visions, desires and goals.
Always remaining, with devotion to the higher powers, confident that the divine order has a broader view of everything than ourselves.

Barbara Rheinbay with drum


Being successful means to me being happy and in harmony with oneself and all that is, living your life intuitively and powerfully.

Barbara Rheinbay

intuitive. powerful. sucessful.

That's my credo! As a modern shaman and intuition coach, I have developed my own innovative approach to personal development, counseling and coaching for people. I assist my clients in their personal development steps. You can feel safe with me in the sense that I accompany you reliably.

The shamanic accompaniment can help in your potential development to a happier life, a healthier body, a clear mind that is less constrained. You can find some examples in my diary.


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