Dr. Barbara Rheinbay

Dr. Barbara Rheinbay

intuitive. powerful. successful. - that is my credo.

As intuition coach and modern shaman, I have developed my own innovative approach to personal development, counseling and coaching for people. I connect rational knowledge with my intuitive perception. Here too, unusual and border-extending experiences are often very helpful for my clients, as well as the knowledge of a holistic way of looking at things.

My focus is to accompany and coach people unconventionally and sustainably in their personal, professional and business development. This is done by working closely and sharing my gift with you. My offer is aimed at individuals, executives and employees from different areas of society, both in intensive individual work as well as in group and team seminars. These offers can support you in a process of change in the economic sphere and also in the consciousness of those involved.


Gratitude for my gift

Already at the age of four, I was able to recognize that I was different from other children and adults in my environment. In my childhood and early adulthood, I found the gift of clairvoyance a burden that I would have liked to have stripped off like a pair of worn out shoes from which one has grown out. But my life journey has guided me steadily, with all the issues and challenges involved, ever stronger and closer to myself and my natural vocation. Today I am proud to be a modern shaman and grateful for every contribution that I can make to better living together, to a better and easier life.

It is both an honor and an obligation to help with this expanded perception, my clients. In sessions, the topics themselves emerge, which can affect all central aspects of life. Professional matters, any kind of change, personal development steps, health issues as well as the training of your own perception, even your intuition. As a modern shaman I accompany people who feel that there is more and not enough to rely solely on the mind. I love to support people who are looking for solutions. Everyone can train their intuition to continuously improve, innovate and focus on their personal, professional, sporting, social and entrepreneurial contexts.
At present, I find my gifts enriching in every way and filled with deep gratitude.


Rosengassenweg 14a
83026 Rosenheim