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The focus of shamanic work has been on rituals for thousands of years. These are functioning and personally adapted actions within processes and life situations. Ultimately, it is old customs with strong power and high impact. There are countless rituals in shamanism.

Why are shamanic rituals interesting in today's modern times?

The shamanic state of consciousness allows perceptions that are seldom or not at all accessible to us in everyday life. This condition is derived, among other things, by drumming. Admission to the so-called Otherworld is commonplace for shamans. Not only do they perceive this world through images, they can smell smells, hear sounds and voices, taste the quality of the water, or feel the texture of a tree with their hands. Although all the senses are used, the impressions remain subjective and are not judged.

Rituals are (Latin ritualis, the rite concerns ', ritual) is a running according to predetermined rules, usually formal and often solemn-festive act with a high symbolic content. It is often accompanied by certain word formulas and defined gestures, such as greeting, wedding, memorial celebrating, birth and many more.

I offer these rituals:

Shamanic wedding

My offer goes beyond pure ritual accompaniment, execution and direction. I will gladly assist you with the entire wedding preparations, such as selecting the appropriate location for you with the associated celebration opportunities, invitation of guests, high-energy floral decor and equipment, organization and coordination with potential suppliers, depending on the desire and size of the wedding.

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Detoxify and recharge your energy on the tree

Trees are wonderful mediators between heaven and earth. With their roots in the earth and the branches that strive for the sky, the tree was already considered by the Celts as a symbol of life.

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