Barbara Rheinbay mit Trommel

Detoxify and recharge your energy on the tree

Trees are wonderful mediators between heaven and earth. With their roots in the earth and the branches that strive for the sky, the tree was already considered by the Celts as a symbol of life.

We can learn from trees, and if we approach them respectfully, they are great listeners without us having to speak; they are creative minds, without knowing what we are doing right now. But they can do much more than that. An old healthy tree is a wise soul, a living being that has seen and experienced a great deal. This knowledge can help us in our life situation. We can harness this power by contacting the tree. Each tree has its own power and energy to transfer to us. Often you get a healing effect; others give us a noticeable and perceptible inner peace and serenity. They subtly balance our fine energy system.

I like to support you in working with and on trees and in having your own inner dialogue.

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