Barbara Rheinbay mit Trommel

Energetic house and property preparation

Clean, loosen and release.
The ritual - renew, heal and bless.

Emotions, thoughts, actions and events are always bound to energies that do not dissolve but are stored in rooms and houses, often in land. Depending on what happened in those places, we feel comfortable there or not. Spaces and areas can therefore have an invigorating or debilitating effect on us and ultimately also affect our health.

All sessions offered by me do not replace any medical, conventional medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. Participants are at their own responsibility. For all present or later appearing complaints, a doctor or alternative practitioner must be consulted.

Through a comprehensive cleansing ritual, I energetically redesign rooms, houses, and plots to increase strength and harmony, activate self-healing, and enhance well-being. The latter often leads to increased sales, increased productivity and less absenteeism in the business.

For whom and at what time and in which places is an energetic cleansing and consecration ritual useful:


Happiness and well-being in one's own home is vital to our health. We live and sleep in our home. There we draw strength for the daily tasks of our everyday life. Therefore it is important here that the private home is free from stressful energies, which can feed on the physical and emotional condition of the individual residents and thus often leads to conflicts within the family unit. External energies burden the harmonious coexistence and the subtle system of each individual resident, who also likes to show up in sleep problems, conflicts and even health complaints.

Basically I recommend a cleaning and blessing ritual at each private new beginning:

  • Before you buy a property or a house
  • Before moving into a new apartment or a new house
  • After a long vacancy of the premises to revive
  • After separation
  • After illness, grief and phases of life are over


  • Before sales of commercial space, houses and land
  • After development of land for construction
  • For business practice and office space

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