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Shamanic wedding

The connection between two loving people is something very precious, unique and holy that wants to be celebrated. It is so special and wonderful that I like to make the ritual very much in her interest. In preparing for this love ritual, I stand by your side with help and advice. I love performing this ritual and celebrating lovers' weddings. We find a suitable energy-rich place in nature, where we can connect with all beings and forces to bless your love bond.

Your "high time" begins on the day you choose to live the common life and have blessed your wedding day as your blessing.

Some couples have the desire to travel with me to the Otherworld to secure the support of the Spiritual World for the wedding anniversary, they desire for their common life journey. The ancestors are happy when they are asked for help and bless their love.

My offer goes beyond pure ritual accompaniment, execution and direction. I will gladly assist you with the entire wedding preparations, such as selecting the appropriate location for you with the associated celebration opportunities, invitation of guests, high-energy floral decor and equipment, organization and coordination with potential suppliers, depending on the desire and size of the wedding.

A very pleasant and energetic offer for you refers to the photographic accompaniment on her unique day. My husband Helmut Gerstlauer is intuition photographer and captures the most beautiful moments of her love expression on photos for you. Helmut takes pictures passionately, allowing you to take professional shots of nature and a nature-loving area with situational and intuitive contexts. We can assure you that your day will be lovingly designed by two energetic people.Have a look on:

Offer of possible components of the shamanic wedding

  • Shamanic fire / candle Spiral of life as a symbol, also stone circle, medicine wheel .... By request
  • Welcome the guests to the shamanic wedding, incense burning, build up the common strength and good wishes for bride and groom
  • Holy smoker ritual for the bridal couple and the guests
  • Invocation of the spirit world and honoring the ancestors with the drum
  • Past is handed over to the fire. That is transformation
  • Message from the spiritual world to the wedding ceremony
  • Ceremony speech
  • The promises of the spouses
  • Blessing of the spiritual world for this marriage bond by means of a band (fasting)

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