Shamanic journey

What is a shamanic journey?

On a shamanic journey there are no secrets ... only discoveries ... Everything reveals itself and can be read like a book.

A shamanic journey is a flight to the Otherworld. There I can look behind the gray veil of the everyday consciousness of my clients. I look directly into the soul of those affected and also into the souls of those involved in the situation. In the Otherworld I usually get clear clues to recognize blockages of my clients and to show solutions.

To whom is the offer of a shamanic journey addressed?

Anyone who wants to shape their lives self-determined and consciously needs professional support at some point in order to be able to dissolve deep-seated topics that block in the most diverse areas of life.

Every shamanic journey touches me

When I embark on a shamanic journey, even after all these years, I am again and again deeply touched by the salvation and the benefits that the insights gained are for the clients. The insights that emerge there are of tremendous importance to the current lives of my clients and indicate the next step that leads them to liberation. It can show traumatic experiences in the past, in which emotions have been split off and can now experience through healing. In order to discover them, I embark on the journey and not infrequently bring back a lost share of souls and thus let wholeness arise again.

Shamanic traveling and working offers modern people a wealth of opportunities to activate their self-healing powers, to get to know and understand themselves better, and at the same time to live a fulfilling life in harmony with nature and all beings. My understanding of shamanic work is much more than a method; it is a modern concept of life that is enlightening, especially in our fast-paced, technology-overlaid, digital world. I'm not interested in either or favoring and living, but both. Integration and authenticity are my values ​​- towards being fulfilled. I stand for that.


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